Remove Your Photo Background With This Free Online Tool

My finger hovered over the ‘Post’ button when suddenly I noticed a cheeky seven year-old face grinning in the background of my photo. Damn! I fiddled with the image: recropping it, blurring the background, adjusting the brightness. I came to the conclusion the background would need to be removed. Too hard. Maybe I could just reshoot the photo? Also too hard.

What I really needed was this handy website. Background Burner is a free online tool that will automatically remove the background from your photos – useful when your backdrop is cluttered by something that distracts from the main image. Developed by an ecommerce trading site as an add-on for their sellers, this tool claims to remove the background with 70% accuracy (or 85% after a one-click correction).

How it works. In the past I’ve used a few other tools for image touchups and found them quite tricky and time consuming, so Background Burner appealed because it…

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